Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Seven Key Presuppositions about Your Life

01. You always manifest what is most important to you.

Look around you--your environment, what you have, where you live, who you are with, what you are doing. If this isn’t consciously what you want, then what is, and what is it your unconscious self wants that produces the results you are getting?

Is your short term want getting in the way of your long term satisfaction?

02. You always live your life fully.

You can’t not be living fully each moment. Are you satisfied with what you are living fully with? It it enough? Is it too much? How do you want to live your life fully, differently?

03. Your present unwanted behavior is a manifestation of your greatest power.

It’s power is demonstrated by the fact that you can’t seem to change it.
That’s powerful determination. What are you so powerfully committed to, unconsciously? What is it really trying to do for you?

04. You always are your authentic self.

Even if you consciously don’t like what you’re manifesting.

05. The measure of dissatisfaction you feel about any aspect of your life is a direct result of the degree of your self-deception.

If it were otherwise, you wouldn’t be dissatisfied for very long. How you live your life is a reflection of some very important realities for you. What are they?

06. You already are who you say you want to be.

It’s only a matter of discovering how this is true for you.

07. Everything in your life—what you say, think, feel, do and have—is a manifestation of your core, subconscious love of existence.

You are in conflict with, and disrespectful of yourself. It’s such a common occurrence, you don’t even consciously recognize how you are sabotaging yourself. You do it every time you are critical about some aspect of your being--behavior, thoughts, feelings, results. Most of your being is paying attention, even though you don’t recognize it.